Terms of Reference of the Planning Subcomittee                                                             

A. Within the Society’s area of benefit the Planning Subcommittee will be instrumental in submitting fully substantiated proposals to public authorities for:

  1. New area considered worthy of designation as Conservation Areas, or extensions to existing areas,
  2. Area(s) to be covered by a Town Centre Plan, and any subsequent modifications and extensions thereto,
  3. New sites for nature conservation, and subsequent boundary modifications,
  4. Any area which might beneficial be classified under any future planning legislation.

B. To consider all planning applications in the Society’s area of benefit:

  1. For 5 residential houses or more
  2. In or affecting Conservation Areas
  3. Related to Listed Buildings
  4. Within areas designated by the Town Centre Plan
  5. On or affecting registered commonland
  6. Within strategic gaps between settlements ( should we define them here as the info is being removed from the Hart Local Plan?
  7. Outside the settlement boundary where likely to compromise that boundary
  8. Considered to be detrimental to Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Areas (SPA), National Nature Reserves and other areas designed for the protection of wildlife, natural habitats and any other areas of nature conservation
  9. For commercial or publicly owned premises and for changes of use of private and commercial properties
  10. Any other proposals or applications considered by the committee to be “bad planning”

 C. The Society will not normally consider planning applications:

  1. Which are essentially neighbour disputes, whether or not involving Society members
  2. Outside the Society’s constitutional area of benefit, unless affecting planning matters within the Society’s area of benefit

D. The Planning subcommittee will analyse and comment on:

  1. The Yateley, Darby Green & Frogmore Neighbourhood Plan
  2. The Structure Plan
  3. The Local or District Plan
  4. The Town centre plan
  5. Intentions to extend or modify Conservation Areas, or create new Conservation Areas
  6. The County Minerals and Waste Plan
  7. The Blackwater Valley Recreation Plan

E. The Planning subcommittee will assess all statutory plans, planning applications and highway proposals in the light of the international convention on Biodiversity and Sustainability.

F. The Planning subcommittee will submit to a General Meeting of the Society all the proposed public submissions to be made on behalf of the Society which involve:

  1. A major public inquiry
  2. A structure of local plan
  3. A change of public policy relating ot a statutorily designated area, such as covered by the Town Centre Plan, a Conservation Area, or an area designated for nature conservation.
  4. Any other issues which is likely to be contentious
  5. Any changes to the Society’s previously declared planning policies, or changes to these terms of reference.

G. The Planning Subcommittee will prepare proposals for motions to be put to the Society’s AGM relating to planning matters which are expected to be current before the next AGM, in order to air issues and to establish the Society’s policy.

H. In making its decisions and preparing public submissions the Planning subcommittee will draw on the expertise of the Society’s Local History Group and Nature Conservation Group.