It must be Christmas . Just when you are wondering what to do, the Urnfield developer has come to your rescue. They have published one hundred and seventy one (171) documents to fulfil their obligations in sorting out the Reserved Matters. And there is a heady 4 weeks to read them, digest the information and then respond. However, I would imagine Hart Planners will insist on an extension, hopefully a very long one!


The documents can be accessed on the Hart planning website under planning reference 17/02793/REM.


Another application just in; this time to deal with flood risk.. See Hart planning reference 17/02987/CON.


An archaeological survey has been completed on the site where 150 new homes will be built. The results of the survey show one or two interesting items found but nothing earth shattering, certainly not to stop development. Click on this link for the ARCHAEOLOGICAL_EVALUATION