A planning inspector has supported Hart Councils refusal for planning permission to build 48 new homes at Hop Garden Road in Hook. There are some similarities with the Urnfield development.

What is encouraging is the inspector’s view that Hart has identified a 5 year supply of housing land. Most developers. when appealing,  are basing their appeal on Hart not meeting its 5 year land supply target. This decision is, therefore, very significant.

Hart Council has advised Welbeck Strategic Land, the Urnfield developer, of the Inspectors decision at Hop Garden Road and invited them  to withdraw their appeal. However, Welbeck have stated they will pursue the appeal. The Inspector will now review the application and refusal decision and set out the salient issues to be assessed. dates for the hearing, usually about 4/5 days, will be published. All those who opposed the application will receive notification.