The developer, Welbeck Strategic Land, is appealing the decision of Hart District Council (HDC) to refuse planning permission for 150 new homes on land east of Moulsham Lane, Yateley. The appeal process is underway and Welbeck has issued two formal mandatory documents, (1) a draft statement of Common Ground it thinks it may achieve with HDC over certain defined issues and (2) a Statement of Case which is the main issues that they want to be covered by the public inquiry.

HDC refused planning permission for seven reasons, namely:-

1. Erosion of the strategic gap.

2. Local traffic flows being detrimental to the amenities of local properties and road safety.

3. Flood risk.

4. The development will exacerbate the lack of local leisure and open space provision in the vicinity.

5. Lack of primary schooling places in the vicinity.

6. Detrimental impact on local transport infrastructure.

7. The site is located within the SPA 5km zone of influence and the development alone or in combination with other projects will have a significant adverse impact on the SPA.

Welbeck seem confident that they can reach a position of Common Ground agreement with HDC on items 3,4,5 & 6. HDC will have to make a judgement on this and a final joint document of Common Agreement issued for the inquiry.

This does not mean that other issues cannot be raised if they are relevant to the inquiry e.g. ecology of the area, emerging Local Plan, Conservation Area etc.

Representations to the Planning Inspectorate must be made no later than the 24th September. Ideally any comments should not just be a re-run of previous responses to the planning application but where possible  provide a ‘local angle’ on issues and evidence of personal experiences. It is important that as many residents as possible make their voices heard.

A presentation of the issues and current situation will be held at the Tythings on Saturday the 12th September starting at 10.30am. If you need any advice on how and where to make your representation this will be available.

The date for the public inquiry is set for June 2016.