We are always pleased to have new people to get involved in our community projects…could that be you?

You don’t have to be a Trustee of the Society to get involved.

We’re keen to encourage members to get more involved, enabling us to take part in the community groups, events and projects as required, as well as organise our programme of talks etc. We currently need people to get involved in raising our profile and community engagement; the majority of the committee still work either part or full time so more pairs of hands and ideas are needed.

You can spend as much or as little time, working with and for us, as you’d like…!

For those who are committed to supporting our activities without signing as a Trustee, you can now sign to be a “Volunteer of The Yateley Society“. This programme will mean that you will be provided with a Yateley Society email address, as well as attending the society’s Trustee meeting at least twice a year.

If you think this is something that would suit you because you’d like to be more actively involved, again, please get in touch.

…or you could jump in as a trustee!

Every charity is run by a Committee of Trustees, and The Yateley Society is no different. Each of the Trustees have elected to dedicate some of their time to work with the charity in its activities in support of our Object Clauses.

Our Executive Committee represents the Society in its dealing with the outside world. We meet quarterly to discuss any matters of interest or concern which affect Yateley, Frogmore, Darby Green and the surrounding area. We also organise a programme of events for members (non-members are also welcome).

Our Current Trustees:

  • Chair – Alison Hewitt
  • ViceChair & Communications – Jo Hill
  • Secretary – Liz Carpenter
  • Treasurer & Membership – Liz Hesketh
  • Planning and Conservation/Biodiversity – TBD
  • Society Archivist – Colin Broadley
  • Local history/Planning Research – Di Gardner
  • Local history – Roger Coombes
  • Conservation/Planning – Mary Ferriss

The Yateley Society would welcome new applications for trustees – ideally we would like to have twelve.  Anyone over the age of 18 years can be a trustee, regardless of how junior or senior you are in your career, whether you’re in paid employment or not, regardless of your ethnicity, class, gender orientation, sexuality or any other difference. We recognise that boards thrive when they have a diversity of skills, knowledge, age and experience amongst the trustees.

The ideal candidate for a new trustee is someone:

  • who is able to get along, and have a good relationship, with the other trustees and members of our community (the beneficiaries of our trust)
  • who possesses good record-keeping abilities
  • has the personal traits of honesty, integrity and loyalty
  • is willing to commit to a 3 year term as trustee

It is important to note that there are some restrictions to becoming a trustee.

You will not be able to become a trustee if you are disqualified, unless authorised to do so by a waiver from the Charities Commission. The reasons for disqualification are shown in the disqualifying reasons table and include:

  • being bankrupt (undischarged) or having an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  • having an unspent conviction for certain offences (including any that involve dishonesty or deception)
  • being on the sex offenders’ register

You can read more about becoming trustee here.

If you would like to have a chat about potentially becoming a trustee then please email secretary@yateleysociety.org.uk or, if the decision is already made, then you can go ahead and send your details by completing the form below