The meeting of the Yateley Common Management Committee held at the Tythings last Wednesday was attended by approximately 60 members of the public. The main item, which took up most of the meeting, was the application  by HCC to fence off parts of the common to allow grazing animals to be used as part of the strategy to bring the land back to its heathland habitat.


While most people seemed to oppose fencing on the common the main issue raised was the lack of consultation with those residents living in properties bordering the common.  HCC took away actions to have separate meetings with residents living at Brandy Bottom, Baileys Close and Sunnyside.


Other issues addressed at the meeting were as follows:-

  • Why is it being done?
  • Has a fire risk analysis been carried out?
  • There needs to be more detail of the fencing plan.
  • HCC confirmed that only two of the six fenced areas would have animals at any one time.
  • Sunnyside is in a Conservation Area, therefore, fencing will require planning permission from HDC.